AccID-10088919ounting is the medium of communication for all businesses, no matter their size. Our Toronto accounting office is here to assist you in achieving your dreams!

Every successful business needs accurate record keeping to understand where they are coming from and to see where they are headed. Bookkeeping services involve the first level capturing of all financial transactions of a business.

Having bookkeeping services performed at our Toronto office allows for consolidation of all your accounting needs. From the beginning, all your documents and receipts are properly organized, classified, and appropriate bookkeeping and accounting is completed. All our accounting reports will be reviewed by a chartered professional accountant. This ensures that accurate financial statements and corporation taxes are prepared. Having bookkeeping services performed at our office also brings reliability and credibility in the event of any government audit.

To ensure that your business remains successful, we can assist you with:

  • Bookkeeping (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Payroll Services (bi-weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Annual T4, T5 preparation
  • HST reporting
  • EHT and WSIB filings
  • Bank reconciliations

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