Buyers and sellers of businesses usually have conflicting views regarding the structure of business transfers. In order to reach the best conclusion, consult with us in order to ensure the chosen strategy is most advantageous to you.

Tax and tax saving strategies play a critical role in the transfer of business ownership. At times selling a business can minimize income taxes, whereas at times buying assets can maximize future deductions. As chartered professional accountants and tax advisors in Toronto, we can propose the best solutions with the sale or purchase of your business.

In our capacity at Mirza Chartered Professional Accountant (business consultants in Toronto), we can help you deal with most complexities that accompany sale and/or purchase of a business including tax planning, financial, and administrative aspects:

Properly structuring the purchase or sale to minimize income taxes
Evaluating the financial health of the business
Assessing the reasonableness of the sale price
Obtaining financing to fund the purchase
Completing due diligence procedures

Please contact our office in Toronto to discuss your needs.

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