ID-10038962Estate planning is about life now and in the future. More importantly, estate planning is about the life of your family, your loved ones and the peace of mind you gain.

We can assist you with your responsibilities as an estate trustee. We realize it is a very emotional time when a loved one passes away, but if you are the estate trustee you will have many tasks to complete which can seem overwhelming. We have provided guidance to several people in this situation and will be pleased to assist you in performing your tasks of an estate trustee including probates, getting certificates from courts, and distributing estate assets.

We can also act as your estate trustees. We will professionally administer, settle and manage your estate however complex it is in our capacity as estate trustee.

We will administer and/or settle all of the following:

  • Legal applications
  • Tax issues and tax returns
  • Accounting issues
  • Accurate distribution of assets as per your Will

We will ensure that our services are carried out with sensitivity, professionalism, and objectivity.

You may wish to consider appointing us as your estate trustee if you have:

  • Complex family circumstances
  • A private company/family business
  • Significant real estate holding or assets out of the province or country
  • A charitable foundation or trust to be established or administered
  • A stock portfolio to liquidate
  • Beneficiaries resident outside Canada
  • Beneficiaries with special needs
  • Minor children as beneficiaries
  • Trusts to be managed

Trusts are a flexible and effective estate planning tool and can be used to facilitate a number of estate planning and wealth management goals. A trust that is established in a Will enables you to transfer the benefit of assets to an individual or charitable organization while establishing a degree of control over how the transferred assets are used.

We can assist you in ensuring that the trust assets are protected, proper record keeping and accounting is completed, and provide a detailed accounting to beneficiaries.

Please contact our Toronto office to discuss your particular estate planning needs and objectives.

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