V8A98C0U96Estate planning is about life now and in the future. More importantly, estate planning is about the life of your family, your loved ones and the peace of mind you gain.

Preparation of Your Will – the foundation of your estate plan

A will is the cornerstone document in any estate plan. Without a will, provincial legislation dictates how your assets will be distributed upon death, which is probably not how you would intend them to be distributed. We have the knowledge and depth of experience to help you plan your will – whether it involves the straightforward distribution of your assets or includes complexities such as the creation and ongoing management of trusts. We can assist you or advise your lawyer in drafting your will.

One thing is for sure – you cannot take your assets with you. So as long as you have to leave your assets behind, make sure they go where you would like them to go. A will gives you the power to do that. If you choose to do nothing else about creating an estate plan, you should at the very least have a will. The process that we employ takes your personal, financial, and business situation into account as the basis for a comprehensive will that reflects your wishes, is tax-efficient, and meets your family obligations or responsibilities.

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